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What planning and research are needed to set about opening a preschool in India?

The idea of ​​a Kindergarten or Preschool has gained traction recently. However, its importance cannot be emphasized enough. During the Baby years (2-4 years), kids experience many changes, like physical, social, emotional, moral or cognitive. These developments help the child to better understand the world, himself and other people. Preschool provides the right environment to facilitate these developments in children of this age.

Checklist to Be taken care while opening a Preschool:


  • Choosing a Place/Location: Preschool is not something you wake up one morning and set up. There are various Parameters you need to access before starting a preschool. You need to know what details you need to set up your kindergarten. You will have to dig deep to learn about the competition you will face. If you set up a school in a locale with some established schools, you will suffer because of competition. Your enrollments will be significant and you may not be able to manage your school. Your preschool project will not be financially viable. So if you want to succeed, Brand Awareness is essential for good business. You can use Internet resources such as web searches and local directory searches. This will help you with the presence of schools and gauge the level of competition in the area you want to focus on. 

Another important factor to consider when choosing a location is a suitable environment for your students. If you are going to school in an area that is crowded or has heavy traffic, you may be putting your kids’ physical health at risk. Parents consider this very important.

 Another issue is proximity. Your school should not be too far from major populated areas. This is because parents generally avoid schools that are too far from where they live.

  • Deciding on a school name: Unless you are a franchise looking to model an already well-established preschool brand, you need to do some research on your school name choice. You have to be careful not to copy the name of some other school because you will get into legal trouble. A Plausible school name should reflect your brand value and something that parents of your future students can relate to. Once you’ve decided on your school’s name, be sure to register it to avoid copyright infringement. Formulation of the school logo is also very crucial. If you want, you can try to trademark this logo to get protection under government intellectual property laws.


  • Deciding on Curriculum: Once you have Unravel the name of your school, you should start brainstorming the curriculum for your students. A well-structured and engineered curriculum will help your students learn things in an easy and organized way and help your teachers teach them effectively and efficiently. The curriculum is related to the issue of Cross-sectional caring for the child’s mind. A well-nourished mind goes on to shape their lives and the lives of others with whom they are connected. A good curriculum must also be scientific and Conceptual. By scientific, we mean that it should be designed to take care of a child’s grip strength as they grow. It should be practical rather than idealistic. Only then will it benefit young minds, which is the ultimate goal of your preschool.


Selecting Teachers: Once the curriculum for your Preschool is ready, you should start looking for Quality teachers. We cannot underestimate the importance of teachers in passing on the gift of education to children. Over the years, various research and commissions such as ASER have suggested that learning gaps among young children arise due to a lack of quality teaching. Preschool is the Base of a child’s career. If a child learns things well now, it sets a concrete foundation for future prospects. This is where the role of an Ideal teacher comes into play. So no amount of effort is enough to have quality teachers in your Preschools.


  • Funding and financial aspects

Establishing a kindergarten/Preschool requires significant financial investment. Purchase or lease of land, cost of purchase or lease of buildings, chairs, tables, teachers and staff salaries are some of the expenses to consider. If you have sufficient funds, you can go ahead and fulfill your preschool financial expenses with it. However, if budget is an issue, you can always go for loans. To meet the financing requirements, one can opt for loans from banks. Registering your preschool with Udyog Aadhar, an initiative of the Ministry of MSMEs, can help you get low-interest loans. You will also be entitled to additional benefits under this particular program.

The Functionality of the preschool will also require keeping proper records of all expenses and income. Therefore, accurate accounting is a must for the long-term financial viability of your preschool.


In conclusion, starting a Preschool is not just another business, but a project that has the potential to change lives in a better way. So you must be willing to take all the pain to provide the best and safest possible learning environment to the young minds for their overall growth and development for a better future.