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Yes! The website is made by our team of IT experts who give you an advanced website.

The website will be all yours!

There are 3 plans:

Standard: Rs. 4999 + 18%GST

Premium: Rs. 5999 + 18%GST

Premium+: Rs. 6999 + 18%GST,  free 150+ posters

A form will be shared where preschools can fill all the required information. Accordingly, we will put content on website.

 Extra Rs. 1000 for content where we will interview them/ask questions and write the content accordingly

From next year, you just have to pay Rs. 1999 as Yearly maintenance and Support cost

Website design, building, server and storage cost are included. You have to buy your own domain if you want to host a website on the same. 

Social Media Kit

The Social Media Kit will be priced at Rs. 2,499! 

Yes, posters are personalized with your logo and details on it, no extra efforts required.

Absolutely, not only Whatsapp, you can share the posters with content on Facebook and other Social Media accounts as well.

Definitely! We provide high quality posters.

Additional information is available on our Health Office page.

Preschool App

The app allows you to carry out all functionalities of your school from one place. It comes with features such as fees management, homework, e-library, announcements, live classes, report card and many more!

Yes, it will be live in a couple of days